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A taste of Kerala Article in Desi News March 2004

A parent can give a kid time out for tracking in slush and snow.

What's a restaurant owner supposed to say to a client who stands there waiting to be seated, while a puddle slowly forms at his feet? We were at Madras Palace and I saw others trooping in from the cold, anticipating steaming idlis and hot, crisp dosas. But even though most conscientiously wiped their feet before entering the dining area, they still tracked in some white stuff. Perhaps that accounted for the slight musty odour about the place that evening.

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Food for the Soul Article in Scarborough Mirror July 25/2003 Cooks Corner

Spices used in Indian cooking allow people to enjoy great tastes while healing their bodies

Indian cooking is for the body and soul. "Its very healthy, very healthy for the body", said Santha Purushotham, who owns the Madras Palace on Ellesmere Road in Scarborough with her husband Chrial. Chiral said while Indian people eat because it is tasty, the food is also mean to heal the body.Using herbs and spices including cardamom, bay leaves, turmeric, garlic coriander, fennel and cumin among others, dishes are created that are said to ease congestion, stop colds and help digestion.

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Madras Palace, Authentic South Indian Restaurant Article in Star India Journal February 1994

One sip of Madras Palace's coffee is all you need to get yourself convinced that the place is an authentic South Indian restaurant. For the seeds used to brew the coffee are grown in the hills of Nilgiri in South Indian which has subtle flavor and aroma that South American coffee seeds lack. That same attention and importance is given to every recipe that is dished out for the patrons by Chiral Purushotham and Santha owners of Madras Palace.

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Article in Sangam Hindi Newsmagazine July 2001

Under the superb direction of Santha and the management of her husband Chiral Puruthotham this traditional South Indian vegetarian & non-vegetarian restaurant with many North Indian dishes is just minutes from Scarborough Town Centre

The Menu at Madras Palace is prepared with a variety of authentic Indian and Sri-Lankan favorite from appetizers, Indian breads, and Indian rice, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In SANTHA's words, 'Madras Palace invites you to experience the essence of the Legendary Heritage'.

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Article in Toronto By Night Journal September 1992

Madras Palace: The art of serving South & North Indian Cuisine Exquisite Indian Cuisine at it's best for the lowest price in town. A definite 4-stars rating * * * * *

Just minutes from Scarborough Town Center and major hotels Scarborough you find Madras Palace Restaurant. Madras Palace is a first class restaurant that specializes in South Indian, North Indian, Sri-Lankan Food and home-made Indian Pickles. The restaurant also caters for all occasions including weddings, birthdays and business meetings.

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Dr. P,R,Venkateswaran
6 Treestar Place
The Woodlands, TX 77381

June 23,1999

Ms Santha Purushotham
Madras Palace
Birkdalc Plaza
1249 Ellesrnere Road
Scarborough. ONT MI2XB

Dear Ms.Santha Purushotham.

A week ago, I had visited Toronto along with my family to combine some business and vacation in Canada. During the time we were in Toronto, we came across your hotel from the telephone directory and decided to drive over for food.

We were so impressed with the quality of the food you served and the authentic South Indian especially the Kerala taste that, we came over the next day for lunch and also for dinner. We tried as many dishes as we could and all of them were excellent whether it the soft idlis or the Masala dosais or the Puri-Masala or the samosa or the vegetarian dinner plates.

We congratulate you for maintaining the authentic taste and quality of food served. If there is one area where you could focus for improvement from a customer satisfaction point,it is the wait time at your restaurant. Because of the long wait. we ordered for takeout and I had to wait for over 30 minutes after the 40 minutes that your staff said it will take to get the food ready. With the quality of food you serve, there is no reason why your restaurant should not be on top of the list of Toronto's finest.

Congratulations and keep up the good taste.

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